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Let’s catch up on thrilling maritime explorations with the best adventure Yacht Charter service in Florida, USA.
As a renowned boat charter company, Ocean Adventure Charters tends to give their customers exciting sea expeditions. You will have close encounters with marine life that you have never experienced before. By taking our services, you will unlock a different side of the beautiful and immersive seascape. Our primary service area covers the coastal region of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition, we arrange tours to some breathtaking destinations where you can enjoy the wilderness of nature and embrace its true essence.

Get ready to collect memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

How do We Work?

At Ocean Adventure Charters, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction with best-in-class service. Oceans are the source of hidden treasures. People who love to explore should be guided properly to experience the rarest beauty of the deepest part of the oceans.

That is why our boat tours are specially organized by touring experts who are knowledgeable of the diverse nature of the ocean.

As a boat charter tour planner, our work philosophy revolves around customer satisfaction, offering great adventurous activities, comfort, and luxury, and building a positive attitude towards nature conservation.

Rent Luxury Yacht Charter Jupiter from Ocean Adventure Charters

Ocean Adventure Charter offers extremely luxurious boat tour packages under different price ranges. Besides, you will be able to experience a lot of exciting activities during your journey that will keep you entertained throughout.

The benefits you will get by renting our yacht charter Jupiter are:

  • Comfortable journey
  • Specially designed boats to ensure smooth and safe riding
  • Company of experienced guides who know the local water the best
  • Entertaining and informative journey
  • Journey to different adventurous spots and a variety of beachside activities

You will also be able to enjoy small beachside picnics, grill parties, and sandbar hopping all day long.

Adventure under Our Best Yacht Charter Packages Jupiter

At Ocean Adventure Charters, we believe you should escape the ordinary to experience something grand. That is why, we have hired professionals who will take you to the offbeat parts of the ocean and help you unveil something new and extraordinary safely.

You can enjoy your solitude there or engage yourself in trekking, walking down the trails, or exploring new islands.

In such adventurous activities you will be able to explore:


If you are a lover of marine wildlife then our boat tours are perfect for you. We will let you explore a huge variety of marine creatures that will fill you with joy and excitement.

Water Activities

We will provide you with diverse water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, watching coral reefs, paddle-boarding, etc.

Trekking on the Trails

You can also trek on the nearby trails with your friends and family and explore the local wildlife and vegetation.

From diving into the crystal-clear water and taking adrenaline-boosting trips to enjoy pristine nature, your journey will be memorable.

Features of Our Fleet

As a professional boat charter service provider, we offer safe riding to our customers. The beneficial features of our boats are:

Yacht Charter
  • All these boats are built with modern technologies and they have state-to-the-art facilities to offer you luxurious rides.
  • These boats are stylish looking as well as high-performing.
  • Our vessels are backed up by strong navigation and communication system so you can take the tour safely.
  • These boats are specially made for long journeys so irrespective of your trip length you will get comfort throughout.

You will get to ride on the following types of vessels at Ocean Adventure Charters

  • Saxdor and Axopar adventure boats
  • Bote brand Paddle Boards and Inflatable Water toys and Mares brand snorkeling gear
  • Saxdor 320 GTO and the Axopar 24 HT Adventure Boats
Experience a Different level of Customer Service

We give special attention to each of our customers and touring groups. Achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our main motto so we:

  • Offer friendly crew members
  • Provides enough safety equipment on the boats
  • Offer personalized services
  • End-to-end security during the trips
  • Premium Bluetooth-enabled sound system for beach parties

Apart from these, customers also like to rent luxury yacht charter Jupiter from us because

  • We offer affordable package prices and the best deals
  • Our customer service executives are prompt in responding
  • We accept flexible payment modes
  • Easy booking procedure, etc.
We Conserve

Ocean Adventure Charters takes a positive attitude towards saving nature and marine wildlife. We contribute to the betterment of the fragile ecosystem, and rare species so they can thrive well. Not only that, but we also take spread awareness regarding cleanliness at the beachside, rescuing marine creatures, and responsible tourism.

We believe in creating a healthy marine environment where every marine creature and plant can sustain optimally.

Our Team

Our team comprises passionate employees who also love to explore sea life.

Most importantly they are well-trained to protect you in any adverse situation. So you will enjoy the journey without any tension.

They have deep knowledge about the sea, so you will get some valuable information from them as well.

In addition, we have skilled employees who manage the in-house work efficiently so our customers get a smooth touring experience with us.

We boast our professionalism in handling tourists so they can get the best marine experience possible.

We Welcome Everyone to Escape the Ordinary

So, let’s buckle up and get ready for exciting marine journeys with Ocean Adventure Charters!

Our best yacht charter packages Jupiter will offer you amazing destinations where you can embark upon natural bliss. Be it your family holiday, or a relaxing solo trip, we will get you covered with our varied offerings.

We have a strong base of happy customers so, you can undoubtedly rely on our services. So, get ready to witness the grandeur of the captivating seascape. To book your tour with us simply head over to our “Contact Us” page and get the necessary details.